ONTARIO, CANADA: Do you ever get that feeling when you see someone in the gym, the grocery store, or on the street and think ‘I know them from somewhere’ but blank on their name?

Well apparently that feeling happens more often in men than women according to a new study published recently in the journal, Psychological Science.

The study was conducted at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Researchers used a helmet with built-in eye-tracking technology to track the movement of the participant’s eyes.

One experiment involved introducing test subjects to 120 faces with their names over a four-day period. After that they were given sets of 10 photographs and asked if they’d ‘met’ the person before, and what that person’s name was.

A shorter version of the experiment was conducted over just one day. Researchers found a small, but significant difference in women’s ability to recognize their acquaintances.

Jennifer Heisz, one of the authors of the study explains their finding to NBC News: ‘Let’s say you just were introduced to 10 new people. On average women recognize seven faces, whereas men would only recognize five or six faces.’–Daily Mail