KARACHI- Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport , which was attacked by terrorists on Sunday night, has been cleared of attackers.

According to airport sources, a precautionary search was carried out at the premises of the airport after dawn to ensure all the attackers have been taken out. Earlier, police, army and Rangers conducted a joint operation against the terrorists who attacked the airport with grenades and automatic weapons. According to Rangers, three terrorists blew themselves up while the remaining seven were killed by the security forces in an exchange of fire. A large number of weapons including SMGs, RPGs, grenades and suicide jackets, were also recovered during the operation. Thirteen security personnel, including eight members of the Airport Security Force, also embraced martyrdom in the operation. Pakistan International Airlines will resume its flight operations as it receives clearance from authorities. A PIA spokesperson said that 15-20 flights disturbed due to the terrorist attack will be rescheduled by today evening.