KARACHI-  Political leaders while unanimously condemning the outrageous attack on Karachi airport last night; have urged the government to take tough decisions to counter the menace of terrorism.
Some leaders have squarely put the blame on PML (N) government for its failure to preempt the brazen attack , which was claimed by the outlawed TTP.
Talking to Private TV from London, MQM Chief Altaf Hussain warned that Taliban were getting hold of Karachi , adding if that was not stopped there would be irreparable loss to the people and the country.
Hussain said that to ensure security and safety of Pakistan there is an urgent need to take tough decisions.
Imran Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, in his twitter message said that such a blatant attack on the Karachi airport was a matter of concern for all. He said that the attack proved that the government’s anti-terrorism policy had failed to deliver.
Sirajul Haq, Ameer of the Jamat-e-Islami, also condemned the attack and lauded the efforts of the army and other law enforcing agencies to conduce a successful operation. He eulogized the services of the martyred and prayed for early recovery of the injured personnel. Haq also underscored the need for developing a comprehensive security mechanism to ensure the safety of national assets.