Many teachers like me live in Islamabad; we have come from remote areas to work here. My friends and I have come here in the search of better future and most of us face problems in this expensive city. I was given a ceiling fund provision of Rs 11,400 in 2007 as house rent but rents near my place of work are at least Rs 15,000 The need to pay an advance rent for six months, was beyond my capacity. It is an irony that the government has given our destiny into the hands of rich landlords of this city. As soon as government increases our ceiling allowance, our landlords increase the rent.

I now live in the suburb, as I cannot afford a house in the city. I have to commute daily, which costs me in time and money. Three months ago my two senior colleagues received letters of invitation to occupy Government accommodation, when only two years of their service was left, is this a joke? They had applied for this facility at the start of their service and all their lives they lived on rent. I would like to request Nawaz Sharif to provide adequate housing for government servants. Our PM should also increase salary of the teachers and he can establish a teacher colony, where this community can live together.


Islamabad, April 27.