The term ‘academic writer’ is not unfamiliar amongst university or high school students. With the loads of assignments on a student’s shoulder; one diverts towards help or cheating and that’s where the academic writer steps in. Now on many websites there might be advertisements displaying how effective homework could be completed by an academic writer, with affordable rates. It’s a new, unique profession but is it beneficial for our youth?

The assignments or homework are given in order to increase the intellect and the writing capability of a pupil. However the purpose of assignments, reports and projects are in vain as most students prefer to give the extra writing load to hired writers and they get paid accordingly. The main purpose of homework is violated and the degree becomes a joke. Some students complain that assignments are an extra burden, as they can’t manage it, with the extra-curricular activities, quizzes and tests; also they have to maintain their GPA. Either the universities should lessen the work load on students or the pupils themselves should realise the worth of homework.


Karachi, April 28.