S: The PML-N government has kept its promise of infrastructural development and built the Metro Bus in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad after the successful launch of the service in Lahore. What do you think of this? Does the Metro threaten your Captain?

A: It is a good initiative but it will serve only a very limited number of people particularly in Islamabad where there will be hardly any passenger after office hours. The Metros are likely to be running empty.

S: Why are you saying so?

A: The Metros are always fed by feeding lines which are completely absent in both the cities. The passengers have to get down from the buses and in more than 80 per cent of the cases, have to take another ride on some public transport which is equally a mess like before.

S: Those feeding lines can be developed subsequently.

A: But at what cost? You have already spent more than 100 billion rupees on the Metro services in the two cities. I think it is more related to showing off development than facilitating commuters. I have heard that each passenger is subsidised by paying to the company 30 rupees from the public kitty. Just imagine the further cost of developing feeding lines. i am sure it is going to be much more than the actual cost of the Metros. The traffic below the Metros is rather flowing at a slower pace than before and there are much more frequent jams, at least in Lahore.

S: Don’t you agree with the Prime Minister that these metros will help school children reach in time for their classes?

A: What classes? The education system is a shame. Don't even get me started on the minuscule budget allocation to education. I would rather have students actually learn something good in class, than have an air conditioned bus to get to class in.