LONDON: The Smile singer hasn’t been spotted out publicly with her husband of five years for some time, and has faced frequent speculation that her marriage is in trouble for the past couple of years. Lily has kept silent on the rumours for months, until this week, when British magazine Grazia published a report suggesting Sam had filed for divorce citing infidelity. According to a source, Lily getting “close” to grime artist Skepta was the “final nail in the coffin”. Lily fired back at the reports, tweeting, “The story is untrue. Sam has not filed for divorce citing infidelity, neither have I.

Wherever it came from, it’s a lie... Why @GraziaUK would choose to run this libelous, story where children are involved, without even checking is beyond comprehension.” She has since deleted the tweets, but when a journalist approached her on Twitter saying that he had information about infidelity within her marriage, she replied, “Unless the source is my shrink or my husband, they’re making assumptions. I’ve isolated, I don’t talk to anyone.” Lily, 31, also replied, “not true” to the user who posted a link to an article about the divorce.