VEHARI-People demanded that the government should take strict action against unqualified doctors and dentists, who, under the patronage of Health Department officials, risk the lives of the patients at their clinics located in various localities of Vehari district.

The number of unqualified doctors and dentists is increasing and they are playing with the citizens’ health in Vehari. The citizens complained that several areas of the city particularly congested areas have become hubs of quacks.

In the past few years, the number of homeopathy doctors has increased by about 100 clinics in Vehari district alone. According to a medical expert, the quacks lure the patients through the advertisements. There are stickers and posters pasted in the walls and buses offering guaranteed treatment to all sorts of ailments with in affordable costs, he said.

Citizens including Tanvir Advocate said that the situation of the far flung areas of the province is worse as so-called doctors are squeezing the patients’ blood. The main problem lies with the Health Department officials who receive bribe from these doctors and allow them to play havoc with the health of the patients, he alleged.

Umer Hyat, another citizen, said that many areas of the city have been neglected in the anti-quackery campaign which was a great injustice with the residents of these areas particularly the areas of low income group of the society. He said it has also been observed that in many areas, the ward boys, technicians and other employees of the government hospitals act as allopathic and homeopathic doctors.

The citizens urged the authorities concerned to come forward and play their role to curb the practices of unqualified persons and the provincial government should also look into the matter and insure the eradication of the quackery.

According to officials reports, quacks particularly unqualified dentists were spreading different diseases and had taken lives of innocent citizens. The Punjab government giving attention towards the issues should launch a comprehensive campaign against quacks, citizens said. Shafqat Joiya Advocate said that a large number of quacks and unqualified dentists were working and causing the spread of diseases besides playing with the lives of people. Some drug inspectors after taking illegal gratification were reluctant to take action against the quacks, he added.

BAZAAR SET UP: Four Ramazan bazaars have been set up in Vehari district for providing quality items at subsidized prices during the holy month.

MPA Saqib Khurshid said the Punjab chief minister is himself monitoring Ramazan bazaars for ensuring sale of items at fixed prices.

TMO Azhar said that fair price stalls have been set up by agriculture department where high quality vegetables and fruits, sugar, ghee, daal gram, daal mash, chicken, gram flour and others daily use items were available at concessional rates. He said complaint cells have also been set up in bazaar where consumers can get redressed their complaints immediately. Walk-through gates have been installed for effective security system and police officials are deputed.