KHANEWAL - District Chairman of Punjab Baitul Maal Dr Ghazala Shaheen has said that the department is spending a huge amount for helping the deserving poor.

She said that the Baitul Maal had introduced a programme for widows, orphans and needy students to provide possible assistance for them so that they could also perform their responsibilities as useful members of the society.

She said that the Baitul Maal is extending financial help to those students who cannot continue their academic activities due to lack of funds. She added that proceedings on the pending application for financial assistance has been started according to law and all the cases will be disposed of up to 20th of Ramazan.  She added said that all the funds are being utilised transparently. Dr Abida Zafar, member of district Baitul Maal, has appreciated the efforts of Dr Ghazala Shaheen. She said the Punjab Baitul Maal is working to improve the lives of the the deserving poor.