Gender rights lie at the heart of social development. The cries to grant equal rights to women in the 21st century surprisingly baffle the masses in an era where talk of the third gender no longer ruffles any feathers. However, even in the most modern of times, we are unfortunately in doubt about allowing women to enjoy equal rights to their male counterparts. It is awful to see that the Middle East still upholds gender discrimination and the hand of the patriarchy seems to be all-controlling. It won’t be wrong to say that people, especially Muslim men, are falling prey to a ghastly beast of backwardness and ignorance.

“Powerful men” believe that beating and killing women in the name of honour will make them honourable and they will set an example for the rest. Unfortunately and shockingly, many women believe the same. Rafia Zakaria in her article, ‘Masculinity vs Equality’, states that many Egyptian women consider it fine to beat a girl and dominate her in other aspects of life.

Women should at least be aware of their rights and stand against every injustice done with other women and should become voice of such girls who cannot even complain about things like gang rapes, acid attacks, and honour killings.


Islamabad, May 25.