Facebook said that information of upto 87 million, mostly in U.S, may have been shared with Cambridge Analytica. Including restricting third-party app access & deleting old logs of messages, facebook issued a lengthy post by CTO Mike Schroepfer. Media also report last month that U.K based researcher collected the data from Facebook users when just 270,000 users downloaded a psychology quiz app. Facebook also said its destroying a feature that let’s user search for a profile using a phone number or personal email,& most people on Facebook could have their public profile scraped.”Schroepfer said in the post”. So we have now disable this feature. 

The company said, for example, that third party apps will no longer be able to see who attended your Facebook event or post made in the event page, Facebook is also cutting third party access to the member list for groups. We will also no longer allow apps to ask for access to personal information, such as religion or political views, relationship status & details, videos watch activity & music listening activity, “Schroepfer said in the post”. 


Karachi, May 9.