Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo ordered his national team’s bus to stop to greet a young fan with a serious disease, standing with a poster "Cristiano, give me a hug" on their way from Porto’s Estadio do Bessa. The ace and his squad were leaving a training session ahead of the UEFA Nations League finals against the Netherlands, when he saw 11-year-old Eduardo Moreira, who, as it later turned out, has leukaemia.

The security guards helped the boy to get into the coach, so that Ronaldo could fulfil his wish, hugging the young fan, and take a picture with him, the Portuguese website Flash reports.

​According to the outlet, the 11-year-old’s life is a story of strength and courage as he was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was just one year old and received his first bone marrow transplant as young as 2. He has been battling leukaemia along with the incurable Graft-versus-host disease, which affects his immune system.