LAHORE   -  The Services Hospital medical su­perintendent has directed his staff to make every motorcyclist, who lands in the hospital’s emergency, wear hel­met. For a few minutes, the staff put a helmet on every motorcyclist’s head before treating the injuries he/she sustained in a road accident.

Also, the traffic police fined 1,300 motorcyclists for violating the law during Eid holidays. They also seized 870 motorcycles during Eid holidays in action against underage driving while they arrested dozens of young­sters for doing wheelie.

A police spokesman on Friday said the crackdown was part of the on­going campaign against underage drivers. He said the crackdown was launched on the special directives of Lahore chief traffic officer Liaqat Ali Malik to discourage the growing trend of underage driving.

In a press statement, SSP Liaqat Ali Malik urged the parents to cooperate with cops so that accident rate could be reduced curbed.

He said the underage driving is too risky and such drivers endangers also endangers the life of other people.

Traffic police spokesman Arif Ali Rana said his department had launched a full-fledged “warning cam­paign” on the social media to stop un­derage driving in the metropolis prior to the clampdown.

“Traffic officers impounded at least 870 bikes (during the crackdown). Another 1675 violators were also is­sued tickets,” he said. According to the official, the traffic police department also issued fine tickets to more than 1,300 motorcyclists who were riding bikes on city roads without wearing helmets. The police also arrested doz­ens of motorcyclists for violating the ban on one wheeling. The violators were sent to lockup after the police registered cases against them.