The past always impacts the present determines the future. The British divided the Indian Subcontinent into two states - Pakistan and India. All civil and military assets and resources were to be divided between two states equitable at the time of creation in 1947. However, India being bigger in size, usurped all assets. It also invaded private states like Hyderabad and Kashmir. The result was that while India occupied most resources, the newly created Pakistan was left with little or nothing to work with.

On top of that, Pakistan comprised two parts - East and West – physically apart with no direct link except air. This made managing difficult in administrative and economic terms. Unfortunately, Pakistan lost its East Wing, which was the biggest exporter of jute, in 1971. The war and separation of East Pakistan further demise of the economy. Our rulers at that time, instead of adopting habit of earning through hard work, followed the easy path of borrowing from a foreign lending institution. They ought to have given serious thought to Confucius’ theory of economy. He was of the view that those who do not economize will have to agonize.

Our privileged ruling class preferred to live on lavish spending and blame each other for this luxury. Our first leader who approached the IMF to get a loan was to be cursed than praised for making Pakistan dependent on loan. The present ruling and the opposition parties are all guilty of borrowing. However, they all pretend to forget their own doing and taunt each other for mortgaging future of the country. Though all are responsible for this act, they brawl and wrangle among themselves instead of seriously coming together to get the country out of this quagmire. I wonder if any party or leader is really sincere to the country as all they seem to care about is their hold on power and personal gains.


Islamabad, June 2.