ISLAMABAD   -   Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan’s legal team served Rs 2 billion defamation notice to Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Member National Assembly Rana Sanaullah for issuing ‘false, malicious and defamatory statements’ against her.

The notice served on May 26 said that Dr Firdous was considered across the globe as an honest, upright and able politician. She remained MNA for ten years and served various ministries as minister for five years. Right now, she was serving the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM).

The notice said that Dr Firdous hailing from a respected family, has been serving the public since last 20 years. Rana Sanullah in his media talk had levelled baseless and fabricated allegations, which hurts her, besides damaging her reputation.

The notice stressed that the apology should be published at same space, broadcast must cover same time as the allegations were published and broadcast earlier.

The notice warned Rana Sanaullah to withdraw allegations, tender apology and pay damages within a period of 14 days, failing which Dr Firdous has the right to start legal proceedings against Rana Sanaullah under Defamation Act 2002.

Monitoring Desk adds: While responding to the legal notice of Dr Firdous, Rana Sanaullah said he just asked about the corruption in government buses and medicines but she became furious over that.

The leader of PML-N said Dr Fidous was not happy when he asked about the incompetency of her new boss, adding that he has many questions for Dr Firdous but she seems angry over this now.