It is said that a negative attitude is just like a punctured tyre, you can reach nowhere until you change it. So, let’s count the blessings and good work done by the heroes of Pakistan in different walks of life.

Let’s give tribute to those who have enlightened the name of our country . Why should we always be pessimistic? Let’s be hopeful sometimes in order to get more positive and favourable results.

The doctor Abdul Salam, Malala Yousafzai who won the noble prizes are icons, idols and pride of Pakistan. How can forget Arifa Kareem, the youngest Microsoft engineer in the world? Sharmeen Obaid, who grabbed two Oscar awards for Pakistan. Laraib Atta, who became Pakistan’s first youngest female visual effects artist. We do not lag behind in social works and charity since Edhi ambulance is the largest ambulance service in the world. It was a proud moment when Pakistani surgeon Dr Naeem Taj broke the Guinness world record of US doctors. Moreover, the present premier of Pakistan Imran Khan won the cricket world cup in 1992. The squash heroes, Jahangir and Jamshed earned various world titles for our country


Larkano, June 1.