RAWALPINDI - Police in their crackdown against drug peddlers and illegal weapons holders arrested nine lawbreakers and recovered 1,050 grams of chars, 23 litters of liquor and two 30-bore pistols with 8 rounds.

According to a police spokesman, Murree police arrested Amir with 1,050 grams chars. Rawat police rounded up Nazir for having 8 litters of liquor. Ganjmandi police arrested Babar with 5 litters of liquor. Waris Khan PS apprehended Zubair with 5 litters of liquor and Harris with 5 litres of liquor. Banni police held Waqas with one bottle of liquor; Banni police arrested Waqas for having a 30-bore pistol with 5 rounds while Saddar Wah police rounded up Usman with one 30-bore pistol with 3 rounds. 

Meanwhile, Sadiqabad Police busted a 3-member robbers gang involved in motorcycle snatching cases and recovered 3 motorcycles from their possession.

Separate cases have been registered against all the accused while further investigations were underway.