ISLAMABAD             -     Batting legend Javed Miandad has urged young prolific batsman Babar Azam not to take any kind of pressure in the upcoming series against England, saying the Lahore-born cricketer was fully capable of leading the men in green.

“You (Babar) are the king of cricket and people know you for that. You just don’t need to take any kind of pressure,” Miandad said in a video on his YouTube Channel.

Miandad, who scored 8,832 runs in 124 Tests, was of the view that knowing English was not important to excel in the game. “Cricket is the only criteria for cricket, not English as there were many other countries in the world which doesn’t speak English. These types of statements can under-pressure the player. You (Babar) speak in Urdu and let someone translate,” he said.

It may be mentioned here that recently in a statement, former pacer Tanvir Ahmed had said that Babar needed to upgrade his personality by changing his dressing sense and improving his English. Miandad urged the people just to concentrate on their work instead of unnecessary things. “We are still caught in unnecessary things whereas rest of the world has succeeded today just because of its focus on work,” he said.

Miandad, who scored 7,381 runs in 233 ODIs, cited the example of Germany saying they prefer to speak their own language despite knowing English. “You go there (Germany) and see, no one will speak English. “When I played cricket, I used to change the bowler according to me. I used to do such type of adjustments in my batting that the bowler was forced to bowl according to my will,” he said.

Miandad, who coached Pakistan team on separate occasions in 1998, 2000 and 2003, said the people who think how Babar would speak English, let me tell you that these type of things are managed very easily. “You (Babar) don’t know English that’s Ok. You are the captain of Pakistan and you have to lead from the front. Discard these types of thoughts from your mind. You (Babar) have the capability to bat and lead the team, so you don’t need to get under pressure,” he said and added: “We are Pakistanis and Urdu is our mother tongue not English.”

Miandad also advised Babar to go to the tour of England (which includes three Tests and as many T20s) and play the best. “We have full confidence on you people (Pakistani players). We have a very good bowling and it always win the matches,” he said.