ISLAMABAD           -          Dogs have enjoyed being showered with attention during lockdown as their owners have been forced to spend more time at home. But as we go back to spending more time out of the house, vets are warning of an increase in emotional problems for many pets. A recent study conducted and found two in five owners are worried about their dogs for when the lockdown is fully lifted. With sudden changes in routine causing our furry friends stress and separation anxiety, pet owners should look out for symptoms including aggression, excessive barking and destructive behavior. Vets in practice has shared their top tips on how to properly adjust your pup for life after lockdown - including playing soothing music and seeking professional help. Recent research showed that one in five found their pets have become more clingy since lockdown started - with a further one in five saying they’ve noticed a lot more restlessness in their dogs when they leave the room. There are no quick fixes for behavior problems and as with all things, prevention is better than cure. Start to put practices into use now so that you can see that they work, and your dog still has the comfort of you being around.