LAHORE            -        Punjab Labour Minister Ansar Majeed Khan has said that the coalition of the opposition is nothing but misleading the people as well as futile effort to conceal their corruption.

While seeing tightening of noose round the corrupt elements, Bilawal Zardari at once started playing APC drama.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the Minister further stated that those who looted national exchequer will be held accountable.

Those who are soaked in corruption cannot escape from the court of the people by  Mud-sliging on the government.

People have rejected those filled their coffers with looted money in the last general elections.

He said that now no corrupt politicians will mislead the people. Claimants of democracy have broken the records of corruption in the past.

He said that a comprehensive policy for the common man is being formulated in the forthcoming budget.

The decision of the Prime Minister to increase development expenditures by reducing non-development expenditures in the budget is good omen, he added.