LAHORE:           -       Following the directives of the provincial government to ensure implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to avoid the spread of deadly coronavirus, the senior police officials remained out on the prowl in the crowded areas of the city on Monday.

According to a notification, CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed accompanied by SSP Operations Ibadat Nisar and SP Capt(retired), Muhammad Ajmal, visited Moon Market, Iqbal Town areas to ensure implementation of government SOPs and lockdown precautions.

The CCPO, on his visit, issued warnings to several vendors for not fully complying with the government instructions. The CCPO maintained that there was no concession for the violators of the SOPs and those shops would be sealed, where the government issues SOPs were not fully implemented.

The Lahore police chief said that shopkeepers should abide by the government guidelines otherwise stern action would be taken against them.  He said that indiscriminate action would be taken against those who ignored the use of masks and social distancing. He said that officials of the market associations should ensure the implementation of government SPOPs in shops. 

The CCPO said that all resources were being utilized for the safety and security of the citizens. He said that the traffic police would continue to crackdown on those driving without a mask.

The notification said that Lahore police registered 133 cases for violation of corona SOPs and lockdown, while divisional officers checked more than 193 markets across the city.

It said that as many as 963 shops were sealed for violation of lockdown and that most of the lockdown violations were witnessed in Cantt Division.

The notifications further said that challan tickets were issued to 3,060 motorcycles and vehicles for driving without the mask, whereas warnings were issued to 2,830 shopkeepers for violating the lockdown.