ISLAMABAD - The Senate , on Monday, passed six resolutions and dropped one demanding to introduce uniform pay scales for all government employees.

The resolutins passed included introuction of an up-to-date system for disposal of garbage in Islamabad; celebration the 15th of Ramazan as Orphans Day; appoint ambassadors of Pakistan against the 20 percent  quota reserved for non-career diplomats; take immediate steps for approval and facilitation of solar and wind energy projects in Balochistan; repatriate officials working on deputation for last three years to their parent departments, and allowing prohibited bore arms licences to all parliamentarians.

The chair deferred a resolution to fix minimum wage for labourers at par with the price of one tola gold with the consent of the mover. 

Another resolution demanding to introduce uniform pay scales for all the government employees was dropped as its mover requested for the withdrawal of the resolution. The resolution would be tabled again after altering its content.