Apparently the feisty allegations being leveled on a daily basis by the PML(N) at, you know who, all revolve around an X-factor in politics. They talk about some mysterious 'spirits', good and evil, doing the rounds, sometimes defiling minds at others, lifting public figures to a higher moral plane. At one point the Sharifs claimed that the late BB's spirit would be turning in her grave because of her husband's actions. The same spirit we are told would accompany the Black Coat-sponsored Long March to restore an independent judiciary. Then there is the restless "evil spirit" that, according to them, is body-hopping and has recently transferred itself from President Musharraf to President Zardari. This obviously is the kind of spirit that likes the worldly comforts of a presidential palace. When questioned about the export of his spirit, ex-President Musharraf confirmed that he has a "highly active spirit" which if the PML(N) did not watch out, could transfer itself into NS. Of course the PML(N) is also talking about another spirit that rules the governor. * * * * * * * * * * * There are horse traders and then there are the more respected lobbyists. Apparently Ms Abida Hussein has emerged as the latter putting her contacts and verbal skills to full use in the current power tussle in Punjab. The lady is said to have valuable contacts in PML(N), PML(Q) and PPP, having been in all three at one time or another. She is also known to have vast experience in horse breeding, horseracing and horse-trading. Now that knowledge can be tremendously helpful in this arena. * * * * * * * * * * * The Sharif-Taseer altercation took an academic turn of sorts last week when as Chief Patron, the Guv presided over the convocation ceremony of one of Lahore's premier universities. He had just completed an enthusiastic and inspiring speech to the huge gathering, using the oratorical skills he is known for, when quite suddenly a large section of the crowd broke out into a chorus of "Nawaz Sharif zindabad." Evidently the Guv does not rule the hearts and minds of this lot.