Having finally settled all (rather) intangible objections of DHA in the way of being furnished with a completion certificate of my house (a flowerbed a few inches wider, a temporary window shades, etc, etc), I am faced with the final ordeal of clearance for this portable, temporary dog-shed without any foundation on the side of house. It is strictly defined as not a part of building as per regulations. But DHA, a dog-hating authority, does not believe in providing a simple shelter from rain, wind and sun to the poor animal, even though, a guard dog is a necessity of man in these dangerous times. This can draw the attention of society for prevention of cruelty to animals if it existed in our country. The DHA authorities are bickering for the last 9 months over this little issue although it was settled in August 2009 in a meeting with the then Administrator. That meeting was also attended by a Director of the DHA. However, with the change of Administrator, the issue was rekindled again by the same Director, I allege, out of malice. Any dog lover in DHA is invited to dilate on the subject. -DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, March 5.