The other day, I read news to the effect that two women had refused to submit themselves to a body-scan at the Manchester Airport and were not allowed to board a PIA flight to Pakistan. It may be interesting to note that these women were evidently leaving, and not entering, the UK. This means that PIA is also doing body-scans on its out-bound passengers traveling to Pakistan. That is understandable because PIA is also, of course, a terrorist target. I would imagine they must have been ordered (on the quiet) by the Pakistani CAA authorities to do this. There was another story this morning about a delegation of our public representatives refusing to submit to body-scans at, I believe, the Washington-Dulles International Airport. Our coddled leaders were on a 15 day, all-expenses-paid, trip to the US for reasons unknown. But I digress. Our awaami reps. need to understand that they are not exempt from (an admittedly abhorrent and humiliating) security procedure which is likely to become the norm worldwide at airports large and small, courtesy the Jihadis from Africa. The reps. can throw their weight around in Pakistan as they can and do flaunt all rules here but not in countries where there is some semblance of the rule of law. As for me, Im staying put until I can gather the courage and steel myself to submit to yet another humiliation thanks to the actions of a lunatic few. -MEEKAL A AHMED, Virginia, March 7.