YET another terrorist attack hit a security establishment in Lahore - this time the building where the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) was located. Once again, the building was in the midst of a residential area and at least thirteen people were killed including seven investigation officers and two female students, while seventy people were injured, some critically, which would push the death toll up. The tragedy highlighted a number of government failings, including a lack of human intelligence. Interior Minister Rehman Malik continues to hold forth after the event about the details of the acts of terror that take place including the type and size of explosives used and so on. What he should be doing is explaining why the lapses continue and simply saying that such acts cannot be prevented is neither satisfactory nor does it do much for the credibility of the government. This was once again a complete security failure, as has been stated by many members of the provincial administration. Again, even the information coming from different official sources is contradictory - with the CCPO Rathore saying that no one was in the building but the DCO stating that almost seventy people were inside the building. All this simply reflects the continuing inability of the officials and agencies concerned to formulate proper procedures, collate data and have speedy responses n multiple fronts. Not only is action needed in the obvious form of fast rescue and medical operations, but also in supplying correct and coordinated information for the public - to give them some confidence that the government is in charge. However, what is truly reprehensible is that the authorities, despite recent events especially, refuse to remove such sensitive and therefore dangerous centres from the residential areas of the cities. This is simply unacceptable since it deliberately and needlessly endangers the lives of the citizens. It is well known that terrorists will target such centres where informants or arrested militants may be threatening to reveal all. It is also well-known that such centres are also used by foreign agencies like the CIA to interrogate all kinds of suspects. If some of the residents of Model Town are to be believed, then according to them this blast also had a connection with the US Be that as it may, residential areas are no place for these high value targets. Equally disturbing is the fact that soon after the blast, the Punjab Governor began playing party politics instead of rising to the occasion and offering succour to the people of his provincial capital. But he chose to go on a rampage against his favourite political target these days, Punjabs Law Minister Rana Sanaullah whom he accused of supporting terrorists. Political bickering and one-upmanship at a tragic time like this shows the depths to which our political elite has sunk.