Once again, we have had another blast in Model Town Lahore. This is supposed to be a residential area, a peaceful haven for thousands of residents of this old locality. Why werent these 'offices of sensitive agencies removed from this residential area? Terrorists are focused on their targets but why is our administration so incompetent to make the task of terrorists so easy? No security measures are visible outside these so-called 'sensitive offices. The outer wall of Manawan Police Academy could not be raised nor a monitoring mechanism installed even after a whole one year of the carnage that took place here. I am sure foreign consultants could have been, or at least should have been, invited to give technical assistance on creating security barriers around the area. In the event though, perhaps a junior section officer is (still) studying the estimates of bricks, mortar and cement. The FIA buildings security, we are told, could not be beefed up due to lack of guns or patrol vehicles with Punjab Police. Obviously, too much money had gone into repairs of the 'littars to keep these instruments in prime working condition for 'chitthrol of the alleged mobile swindlers or absentees from school. We need to wake up, must wake up now. If nothing else, the bang of this blast should wake us up. I can tell you, my house, almost a kilometer away, shook like a house of cards. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, March 8.