Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of God and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom God doth know. - Al-Quran (8:60) In the above quoted Quranic verse, Allah exhorts us to prepare ourselves against our enemies to our ultimate capability to deter them from aggression. The Armed Forces of Pakistan have assimilated this lesson well and prepared for war in the time of peace. Pakistan Navy (PN), which has a very significant responsibility on its shoulders to defend the maritime frontiers of Pakistan, conducts itself with a high calibre of professional acumen. It is imperative that the PN executes its mission wholeheartedly since 95 percent of Pakistans trade is conducted via the sea lines of communication. Various naval exercises and war games are organised by the navy to hone its skills and be prepared to meet any eventuality. These comprise tri-service, bilateral and multilateral exercises. The Aman series of exercises is a biennial multinational event in which a number of navies participate with their assets, while a sizable number of naval forces send observers to take lessons from this mega event. It is a joint exercise with friendly regional and extra-regional navies to enhance interoperability and mutual understanding. The first of the series was held in March 2007, in which 29 navies participated, of which eight contributed assets comprising ships, aircraft, Special Operation Forces (SOF)/EOD and marine teams, while 20 navies dispatched observers. Aman-09 saw 27 participants with 11 navies plying the waters of the Indian Ocean with their assets, while 16 navies sent observers. For Aman-11, 14 navies are participating with ships/aircraft and SOF/EOD and marine teams. The concept of Aman revolves around information sharing, mutual understanding and identifying areas of common interests for participating navies with emphasis on maritime security operations, and humanitarian assistance operation. Based on this, Aman seeks to develop and enhance Response Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (RTTP) against traditional and non-traditional threats. The objectives set for the participating units of Aman comprise to refine command, control and communication procedures and tactics; improve inter-operability and tactical proficiency; develop common SOPs for asymmetric threat operations like boarding drill, search and rescue drill; practice anti-surface warfare and air operations between the participating units; demonstrate mine counter measure capability; practice operations like mine disposal/EOD/ATT, salvage activities for the workup of SOF teams and integrate maritime patrol aircraft and fighters into various types of exercises. The various activities of Aman are divided into two broad categories: Harbour and Sea. The harbour activities include sports, visits to historical sites, international food gala, a demonstration of the maritime counter terrorism by the naval special services group and a brief on Pakistans perspective on regional maritime security. The highlight of the harbour activities is an International Maritime Conference under the aegis of National Centre for Maritime Policy Research, in which scholars from various national and international institutions will deliver their research papers. The conferences topic is Maritime security management - Contemporary challenges and need for global cooperation. A seminar is also scheduled after the closing session of IMC on March 09. The Chief Staff Officer to COMPAK will deliver a presentation on Pakistans perspective on regional maritime security, while the topic for foreign participants is Maritime security challenges in the Indian Ocean. The sea activities comprise International Fleet Review (IFR), which will involve RAS (L) Token, HVBSS/SVBSS Demo, Wet Winching, Fly Past, Man and Cheer Ship and Formation Aman; Cross Deck Landings; MIO Ex (Search, Locate and Classify COI); SAR Drill for ships (recovery of stranded personnel); firing at Killer Tomato and Go Fast Attacks. Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) serials are planned during the exercise including naval gun firings on target at sea, Night Encounter Exercise and Maritime Interdiction Operation (MIO) Exercise. The navy has already proved its mettle in working with other navies through its contribution in the Combined Task Force, which it has the honour to command. Aman-11 is aimed at fulfilling its slogan together for peace and enhancing the image of Pakistan and the prowess of its navy. The writer is a political and defence analyst.