THE traditional seven-year itch where relationships start to cool has become a 'three-year glitch because of the pressures of modern life, a study claims. Romance begins to fall flat at this point as couples take each other for granted, argue ever more and lose their appetite, researchers say. Those in three-year plus relationships row for an average of 2.7 hours per week compared with 1.2 hours for those still in the first flushes of love. More than half - 55 per cent - admit they are so busy that they have to 'schedule time together for romance. More than two thirds - 67 per cent - of couples say that habits of their partner that they once considered harmless or endearing turn into major turn-offs by the dreaded three-year mark. Common niggles that kill relationship by then include snoring, stray nail clippings and over-exposure to the in-laws apart from other things. The fast pace of 21st century life, longer working hours and financial worries all take a heavy toll on relationships. the researchers found. The survey of 2,000 adults in steady relationships suggests that couples are spending less and less time together. DM