Amongst other elements of good governance, it is also very important that the Secretaries and the DCOs who are posted in various federal/ provincial departments and in districts of the country respectively, may be given sufficient time to serve their people by fulfilling the agenda that has been envisioned by them for the redressal of the problems of the residents concerned. Take, for example, the case of an officer who is posted as DCO in a district. After getting the initial briefing from his subordinate staff and the heads of other portfolios (EDOs), he/she chalks out a policy and hands over the same to his subordinates for implementation. When after two or three months, the same DCO knows that some other person has replaced him, it not only hurts his feelings but also proves harmful for the district as the new DCO will chalk out his own policy by scrapping the policy of his predecessor. Unfortunately, in this frequent reshuffling of officers in the same district or department, it is the common people of the country who suffer a lot for their genuine problems and grievances in a district or in a department remain unaddressed. For the completion of major schemes in a province/district, it is quite necessary that the head of a federal/provincial department (Secretary) or a district (DCO) may be allowed to continue for a sufficient period so that he/she is able to complete all the good ideas/schemes that he has initiated for the people of his/her province/district. Otherwise frequent reshuffling of Secretaries/DCOs in departments and districts would not help in addressing and ultimately solving the genuine issues of the common people of Pakistan. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO Karachi