SARGODHA (INP) - Federal Law Minister Babar Awan on Tuesday said Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharifs remarks for convening an All Parties Conference with the participation of the judiciary and the army was aimed at paving the way for a judicial marshal law. Speaking to media representatives here Tuesday at the residence of former minister of state for interior Tasnim Ahmad Qureshi, Babar Awan said: It is against the constitution and law. It violates article 63 of the constitution. He said there is no role of the judiciary and the army in government affairs in the constitution. He said through the 18th and the 19th amendment, the government has built a 'China Wall against those who try to damage democracy. He said now no dictator would have the courage to dislodge a democratic government. Babar Awan said that under article 68 of the constitution, there is no role for any institution in the politics of the country except the parliament of elected representative. He said more faces would be exposed who talk of the judicial martial law. He said that the PPP-led coalition government had whole-heartedly accepted all criticism and had taken unprecedented steps to hinder a return of dictatorship. To a question, the law minister said the Punjab government was hanging on due to a stay order while the nation has rejected the politics of lotacracy. He said there have emerged holes in the Lotas and there would neither be water nor the power in them. He said those who left the party would ultimately return. Babar Awan said the PPP government during the past three years faced maximum criticism in which abusive language was used but they never left the path of politics of reconciliation.