US citizens consider themselves above law and it is shocking for the superpower that Raymond Davis is being tried in Pakistan. USA is insisting on diplomatic immunity of Raymond Davis at any cost but the government is not in a position to grant immunity in a platter. The court would not decide the status of immunity but would give its verdict in the light of certificates produced by the government for diplomatic immunity. Ex Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi had repeatedly denied the diplomatic status of Mr Davis. USA is pressing upon Saudi Arabia and UAE to help settle the matter but as far as the option of blood money is concerned, its also a complex question. The victims families and the people of Pakistan are unlikely to accept the blood money. US policy of buying and selling people now cannot help it out of this quandary. Again, we have no agreement of exchanging prisoners with it. Now, the government is between a rock and a hard place. Pakistan has foiled US Great Game in the region and contained Indian role in Afghanistan. Pakistan is neither Iraq nor Afghanistan but a nuclear state with the best army of the world. Succumbing to US pressure would cost us much but if we stand firm, we will get desired results. It is reported that after the arrest of Raymond Davis, CIA special operations in Pakistan have halted. Therefore, we must keep our interests supreme and must know the injured snake needs Pakistan and is ready to offer any price for Raymond Davis. America is following a stick and carrot policy towards Pakistan and is threatening us with sanctions if Raymond Davis is not released. If USA does not accept court decisions and takes punitive measures to punish Pakistan, its action would unite the whole nation that would vow to offer any sacrifice for countrys honour. Pakistan can do better without US aid. US aid to Pakistan was suspended in October 1990 which led the nation to become a nuclear power. Pakistan can overcome its economic crisis and get rid of US blackmailing and exploitation if the government cuts expenses, eliminates corruption and adopts austerity measures. We are victim of US friendly firing. It is dangerous to be US enemy but its more dangerous to be its friend. Peerzadah Abdul Hafeez Multan