ISLAMABAD - Raymond Davis episode and Islamabads principled position pushing Washington on the back foot without any rupture in their bilateral ties is being perceived as Pakistans diplomatic victory. Pakistans bold stance over Raymond Davis saga has counterbalanced the pressure mounted by the United States for immediate release of Raymond Davis, a CIA defence contractor charged with cold-blooded murder of two Pakistanis in Lahore on January 27. For the first time, Senator John Kerry and other US functionaries who visited Pakistan to take the powerful CIA agent back since the tragic occurrence were not obliged by Islamabad, and were rather advised to leave fate of his case to the court of law. Although, this episode has strained relations between the major spy agencies of the two countries - the CIA and the ISI, Islamabad and Washington, the two allies in the war against terror, have so far prevented their strategic ties from being totally spoiled by this individual happening. Background interviews and discussions with foreign diplomats come about with compliments to Pakistan in making the US to give in to rule of law. Some have even suggested that Pakistan should prosecute Raymond Davis under its anti-terror laws as in their view the Lahore episode was not short of any terrorist act, adding he deserved this particular treatment after it has also come to light that the American national was involved in espionage activities. US has been mounting pressure on Pakistan for immediate release of Raymond Davis since the very first day on the plea that he enjoyed criminal diplomatic immunity and can not be prosecuted. But the US government has so far been reluctant to join the judicial process to contest its claim. But on the other hand the PPP-led ruling coalition remained firm on that the matter was subjudice and can be decided only by the court. Sources privy to the US diplomatic activities were of the view that Washington has been carefully following a wait and see policy and would unfold its counter-strategy after March 14, the timeline when the Lahore High Court would take up the question of diplomatic immunity. They were of the view that US might try to negotiate for the custody of Raymond Davis should the court decides otherwise to the US claim, and there were various options being weighed by the Washington in this regard with one relating to intervention of a third party in persuading Islamabad to release Raymond Davis. This would be purely a political solution, and the US might request Saudi Arabia as a last resort to help secure custody of the accused, sources said, adding the US might also consider punitive economic measures against Pakistan as part of its arm-twisting tactics. However, they were of the view that this probability would not a potential option the US cannot afford to exercise against Pakistan because of its critical cooperation in the war against terror.