The overwhelming majority of industrialist community members are not paying their taxes with honesty except salaried persons whose taxes are deducted at source. The industrialists are using various tactics for tax evasion from the government. Many industrialists are selling their products in the market without mentioning the names of manufacturers, their addresses or even tax registration details. Nonetheless, such number of products mostly substandard, is in millions in the market. All is being done for tax evasion and to mint money. The industrialists are also not sharing their profit with workers sincerely. In this regard, I suggest the federal government to increase the ratio of profit to fifty percent to be distributed among the workers as most of the agriculturists are doing with their farmers particularly in Sindh. Besides this, the industrialists are also not providing all facilities to their workers as envisaged in the law in order to mint the money. I suggest the federal government to take bold steps against the common practice of tax evasions by the industrials particularly in Karachi without bowing to their usual blackmailing tactics. It is undeniable fact if only industrialists pay their taxes with full honesty; Pakistan would get rid off all its foreign debts very soon. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, March 5.