LAHORE Publisher and proprietor Chaudhry Javed Iqbal has rolled out Ilmi Urdu Jaamia Lughat (dictionary) written by Waris Sarhindi under the banner of Ilmi Kitab Khana, Urdu Bazaar, says a press release. While commenting on dictionary, famous critic Dr Waheed Qureshi said that Ilmi Lughat is, in fact, a gift to lovers of Urdu literature. The Lughat has not only been praised by famous Urdu critics including Dr Syed Abdullah, Dr Ebadat Bralvi, Mirza Adeeb and Maulana Mahirul Qadri but they also declared the Lughat as an authentic manuscript as students, teachers, Urdu laureate and poets have declared it as bona fide dictionary. The writer Waris Sarhindi has elaborated in length words and proverbs used by poets Ghalib, Zooq, Nazir Akbar, Anees and Allama Mohammad Iqbal.PR