President Zardari has rightly told Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Mark Grossman that an incident like that of Raymond Davis should not be allowed to strain Pak-US relationship. It is good that so far this has been the stance of the President, who was bold enough to tell this to a number of US officials including Senator Kerry. The fact that Washington has literally held Pak-US relationship hostage to this single incident is a poor reflection on the state of trust it reposes in its frontline ally. The President cited the sacrifices that we had rendered while fighting the war on terror and termed them as matchless. Clearly, if the US does not attach any importance to all that we have done for it in the past and is now threatening to spoil this relationship, it certainly cannot claim to be our friend and well wisher, as is the constant refrain of the Obama administration. Mr Grossman also met Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in Islamabad to convince him to release Davis. It was the right response that Mian Shahbaz gave about the Davis case when he repeated the stand that the courts were the final authority. It appears that the Americans want the government to disregard the independent character of the courts and hand over the killer of Pakistanis to them, even though he does not enjoy diplomatic immunity. The US media itself has quoted reliable official sources in Washington saying that Davis is a security contractor, the Obama administration must stop harping on the theme of diplomatic immunity and leave it to Pakistani courts to give their verdict. Reports about suspicious and unlawful activities of such covert agents have been circulating in the media for quite some time. If ever there was any doubt that the presence of operatives like Raymond Davis constituted a threat to our national security, his brutal act has removed it. The Americans must be asked to wind up their intelligence network on our soil as early as possible.