LAHORE The Tuesday Supreme Court Judgment has closed the windows of shoulder promotion for the influential policemen who usually used to get 'promoted using political and bureaucratic connections in the past. Throughout the past era, the Inspectors Generals of Police Punjab (IGPs), Capital City Police Officers (CCPOs) and District Police Officers (DPOs) gave two kinds of promotions shoulder promotion and honourary promotion to the police officers. The criterion of both types of promotion is also different. In this regard, a few retired senior police officers opinioned here on Tuesday that shoulder promotion was given to blue-eyed, stooges, sycophant and influential police officers while honourary promotion based on excellent performance or marvelous services rendered by the dynamic police officers. According to police rules and regulations, the police officers awarded with honourary or shoulder promotion could enjoy all kinds of privileges and perks of the post but could not draw the actual salary of the awarded post. However, the structure of the police department gives quite clear picture of the situation; police officers said and added that shoulder promotion was given to officers in case the seats were vacant while the officers suitable for the posts were insufficient in the department. At this stage of critical situation the senior police officers often used to exploit their powers and awarded posts to their favourite flatterer officers, they added. However, the honourary promotion was awarded to honest, diligent, and professional police officers and the SP Organized Crime Investigation Agency Lahore Umer Virk is the most suitable example to quote here. He enjoyed honourary promotion from DSP to SP for a long time, they further remarked. The police rules further reveal that the promotion from a Constable to Inspector lies in provincial administration while the promotion from DSP to Additional Inspector General of Police falls under federal officialdom. The constables or inspectors draw salary from provincial while DSP and Addl. IGP receive their salary from the federal government. The constables and inspectors could be transferred or awarded shoulder/honourary promotions by their concerned SP/DPO/DIG and CCPO. However the senior police officers ranking from DSP to Addl IGP was transferred, posted and promoted by the IG Punjab himself as the DSPs (BPS-17) are gusted officers and the post falls under federal government. An ordinary glimpse of past reveals that a former CCPO Lahore Mohammad Pervaiz Rathore awarded shoulder/honourary promotions to over 3000 police officers in his tenure ranking from constable to inspectors. The former IG Punjab Shoukat Javed gave aforesaid kind of promotions to over 100 DSPs but a couple of days remained from his retirement when he reverted the DSPs from the rank of DSP to their original rank of Inspector. Tariq Saleem Dogar, the last retired IG Punjab, also gave shoulder promotion to almost 40 DSPs across the province in his tenure. This is firmly believe that during his tenure a DSP, awarded with shoulder promotion, was posted as DSP Headquarters, while a DSP, awarded regular promotion, was departmentally forced to discharge his duties under the shoulder promoted DSP. He filed a write petition in the Lahore High Court on which the LHC set aside the decision of shoulder promotion and the directed the IG Punjab to restore their positions, a senior advocate said. Here on Tuesday, a three member bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justice Javed Iqbal, Justice Raja Fiaz and Ahmed Saeed abolished the posts besides directing an Additional Inspector General of Punjab Police Headquarters Khan Baig to ensure the implementation of the court orders. Now none of the police officers could be awarded with shoulder/honourary promotion until or unless the court gave another judgment in this regard.