LAHORE With the electricity shortfall of 1,423MW in national energy basket, the suburbs of Faisalabad, Hyderabad and Quetta are the most electricity deprived areas facing about 10 to 12 hours loadshedding on daily basis. Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) Director General Muhammad Khalid while briefing media here on Tuesday announced that there were three hours loadshedding in Lahore city and eight hours in rural areas of LESCOs jurisdiction. According to him Gepco, Mepco, Pesco, Iesco are conducting average five to six hour loadshedding in urban areas and six to eight hours in rural areas. The total power generation on last 24 hours remained 10,263 MW. The demand was noted 11,686 MW with the shortfall of 1,423MW. Hydel, thermal, IPPs and RPPs added 3,973MW, 1,577MW, 4,615 MW and 62 MW respectively, Khalid added. Responding to a question, he reiterated abrupt gas supply was the main reason behind the increasing electricity shortfall. The power plants in Kot Addu and Faisalabad was not getting proper gas for thermal production, he added. During the last fiscal year (2009-10), the Pepco was provided Rs 4835 million and in current year 'we have got Rs4325 million budget. We had replaced 562,243 electricity meters in last year with the amount of Rs 1.009 billion, he said adding the current year till January about 271,741 electricity meters have been replaced with the expenditure of Rs 515 million. The Pepco had added fresh 11KV lines (LT Lines) of 1576KM long across the country and had reconditioned 970KM. Similarly, 1011 KM long lines of 400 volts (HT Lines) had been added in the system last year and Rs 3400 million had been uses for adding and reconditioning both type of lines. While till January 2011 'we have added 1235 KM and reconditioned 444 KM long 11 KV lines also added 532 KM and reconditioned 307 KM lines of 400 volts with the amount of Rs 1793 million, he revealed. In last year with the amount of Rs 526 million, we had added and augmented 3784 transformers while till January 2011, about 3107 transformers have been added in the system, he concluded.