LAHORE – Country’s security establishment has strong rejected the so-called ‘Asian Human Rights Commission’ or AHRC report alleging that the military men were involved in the killing of 18 people in Kohistan last month.

A senior official in the security establishment termed the report as ‘ridiculous propaganda’ based on ‘anti-Pakistan thinking’ and said that it was a deliberate attempt to create sectarian rift in the country by the enemies of Pakistan. The politically motivated analysts and researchers associated with Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) recently published a report covering the gruesome killing of 18 persons from Shiite community in the Khyber Pakhtunkha (KP) province close to the border of Gilgit and Baltistan (GB) area, where Shias and Sunnis reside harmoniously since long.

Kohistan borders the Swat Valley, where Pakistan Army in 2009 launched a full-scale action against the militants and successfully destroyed the terrorists hideouts and managed to put down a two-year Taliban insurgency. The AHRC report openly levelled allegations against Pak Army, MI and ISI implicating them in the killing of 18 persons from the Shiite community in Kohistan District.

According to the Asian Human Rights Commission, ‘No statement of clarification has been forthcoming from the Pakistan Army about the men involved in the attack despite the fact that they were in military dress’.

The AHRC expresses the view that target killings give us a clear picture of the lack of accountability and transparency in dealing with the organised crimes done by militants organisations backed by the intelligence agencies and law-enforcement agencies.

The report also argued that the killers were wearing military uniforms and remained un-noticed despite carrying arms in a highly-controlled and monitored area, therefore, they were from military, MI, or ISI, who had allegedly planned such covert operation. ‘AHRC allegations against Pak Army/ISI are ridiculous, concocted and incorrect’, a senior official in the Interior Ministry told The Nation on Thursday, requesting anonymity.

The AHRC argued that since all such killings took place in the vicinity of military check-posts ,therefore, military or ISI were responsible for such killings.

‘This logic given by the propagandists is simply ridiculous, except that it reveals their level of animosity against Pakistan’, a security expert commented.

Pak Army and ISI are key institutions of the country, he said, adding, foreign propagandists obviously target Pak Army and ISI to achieve their objectives.