KHANEWAL - A seminar on the International Women’s Day was organised by BETHAK organisation under the chairmanship of Francis Jacob, director of the organisation.

A large number people from all walks of life attended the seminar. Francis Jacob pointed out that in male-dominant society, a woman’s role as the iconic mother of mankind hardly gets the meaning and significance it requires. Different ideologies are misused and misinterpreted to oppress women, instead of empowering and emancipating them, he added. Jacob highlighted that social development could only be achieved by equal participation of both male and female sections of the society.

Akeela Naz, Bushra Adiel, Dr Christopher, Amir Hussaini, Sohail Javed, Rao Noushad, Sarfraz Clement, Shahida Ahmad, Huma Saeed, Roohi Bano, Khalida Shahid, Nadeem Najid, Roshan Sikander, Karar Shah and Shahzad Francis also expressed that male domination and subordination of women are the underlying of the country’s social structure. Men have the economic control and therefore they are decision makers, they said adding that women’s lives are dominated by a highly restricted social structure. Although women contribute to the family, often their efforts are not valued, they added.

The speakers further said that respect for diverse forms of social and cultural expression and identity must guide all human rights principles. They said international human rights law has repeatedly stressed that women’s rights cannot be violated on the grounds of cultural or religious norms.

In end local singers Stephen Sharif and Nazar Hussian entertained the audience with their melodies.