RAWALPINDI  – Dilapidated buildings in the markets of Purana Qilla are posing life threat.

Purana Qilla is historical place and it consists of 7 bazaars. All the buildings are historical and ancient.

They are so dilapidated that they can collapse any time, said a group of traders. Shops are located in these buildings and during the rainfall the roofs and walls of these buildings continue to seep, said Ahmad Ali, a small trader.

No arrangements has been made by the concerned department for preservation and protection of these ancient buildings which are in fact our cultural heritage, said Muhammad Suleman, a social worker. A mild jolt of quake can demolish these buildings as they are too worn out and old, said Nazar Muhammad, a political worker.

The social and political circles demanded immediate renovation of these historical ancient buildings before any untoward incident causing loss of life occurs here.