BAHAWALPUR - The women of our society need due rights to prove their abilities and all of us have to review our approach in this regard to provide females better opportunities for making progress as they are not less talented than other foreign women.

These views were expressed by the speakers at a seminar under the topic of ‘We Can’ organised by the Cholistan Development Council of Pakistan to mark the World Women’s Day.

The speakers underlined the need to provide more chances of education to women particularly rural ones and the women of remote areas to help them excel in the society for making country more progressive and developed state.

They were of the view that women should be given their due rights according to the religion and national constitution to save them from harassment, torture and injustice for their better role to make healthy society.

CDCP Bahawalpur Executive Director Farooq Khan, Programme Manager Razia Malik, Sana Rashid, Afshan Riaz, Aleem Khan and Shehzad Rana addressed the seminar.

Earlier, a walk was taken out by the CDCP activist to develop awareness among the public about women’s rights.

Meanwhile, a leading PTI leader of the area, Sh Abbas Raza has said that without giving due rights to the women, no society can become civilised. She further said, “We have to give due rights to the women for progress of the country as our women are fully capable to lead Pakistan and society towards progress and prosperity.”