On Tuesday, while two unfortunate young girls who were kidnapped in Shikarpur and later recovered were declared Kari by a jirga, two female members of Sindh Assembly, belonging to feudal families were fighting in the house, not on any issue, but each trying to assert her superiority over the other. One of these ladies considered ability to speak English as a measure of intellectual superiority, unmindful of the fact that even illiterate residents of UK can speak that language. Intellectual capacity is measured by the content of the mindset of an individual and not by either his wealth or expensive attire, or his mastery over foreign languages. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Bulleh Shah, Baba Fareed, Khushal Khan Khattak etc could only speak in their native mother tongues, yet they were men of such high intellect that their name lives even centuries after their death.

While we can only pray that our public officeholders lead their lives in simplicity and become role models because of their integrity and commitment to oath of office, the least that can be expected from them is being civil. The level of discussion that takes place in our parliaments is regretful to say the least. Mere legislation of laws empowering women, or making laws to punish physical abuses such as acid attacks on daughters of Eve, is mere rhetoric. It is implementation of laws which acts as a deterrent for criminals, not enactment of laws. But how can laws be implemented in a country where thousands are killed in Karachi and nobody has ever been caught, or where establishment signs an NRO pardoning thousands accused of murder, rape and corruption. Let our parliamentarians give us an opportunity to be proud of them instead of just being empty vessels that make more noise. We expect them to be better than those who sided with military usurpers. They should be raising their voices against injustices of few who get maximum benefits, pay minimum taxes, violate laws with impunity, form cartels, indulge in hoarding, involved in contaminated drug, cooking oil and food manufacture, while opportunities smile upon them, not on merit but on mere political recommendations. When law enforcement agencies raid a place, and recover victims of kidnap, it is shameful that an MPA considers this raid a breach of his/her privilege.


Lahore, March 7.