MARDAN - Hundreds of eunuchs took out a protest rally out side Mardan Press Club on Thursday against the police for teasing them and snatching the money they earned.

The rally was led by Farzana, provincial president of eunuchs, Rishman, Satara, Salma and others. Eunuchs chanted slogans against local police. They blocked Shmashi road in front of Mardan Press Club for all kinds of traffic and also burnt tiers in protest. Eunuchs were holding banners and placards inscribed with anti-police slogans.

Addressing the protest rally, speakers said they were also citizens of Pakistan but they were not honoured accordingly. They said they danced in wedding ceremonies and other functions and earned their livelihood but local police teased them and snatched money from them. They also accused police of sexually abusing them. They said they were fed-up with this attitude of local police. They demanded of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Governor, Chief Minister and police chief to take action in this connection and provide them with protection against the local police. Later on eunuch started march from press club to Bacha Khan Chowk and large numbers of people and children has also participated in their march and enjoy the march. Eunuchs dispersed peacefully at Bacha Khan Chowk. In this connection when this correspondent contacted the local police. A high-up of police strongly condemned this and said that in some police station complaints were submitted from local people against the eunuchs who are living in the area that they are spreading vulgarity in the area and also lesson music with high volume especially in the new bas stand eunuchs are living in majority in the hotels and other places and people of this area submitted written complaints in the local police station. He said that due to this reason local police in the mentioned police stations orally told them that they should correct their attitude.

 or vacant the house or rooms where they are living. He said that these eunuchs have relation with influential people of the area and they also requested the local police that they don’t take any action against these eunuchs. He further said that due to this reason eunuchs took out a protest rally against local police and put fake and baseless charges on local police.