Speakers at a seminar organised by Nazaria Pakistan Trust at Aiwan-e-Karkunan were unanimous that India had unleashed a reign of water terrorism against Pakistan. They were of the view that the next major conflict in the region would be over water. A Water Division, comprising youth was lauded as a valuable suggestion, with the need not just for young people to educate their peers about the international politics of the water crisis, but also to raise awareness of conservation of water, which Pakistanis as a whole are woefully ignorant about . There is no doubt that Pakistan’s economy is based on agriculture which is dependent on regular flow of water in all major rivers. But with an objective to convert cultivable land into desert, New Delhi has embarked on a mission to build a series of dams against the provisions of the Indus Water Treaty. On Chenab, it has built 11 dams while 24 similar facilities are in various stages of completion. On river Jhelum it plans to build 54 dams, out of which work is in progress on 23 dams. On River Indus, it had already constructed 14 dams. This is a dismal scenario and concrete measures must be taken. If we failed, India would be able to destroy us either by releasing water during floods or by blocking water when we need it the most. Inaction on our part would lead us to total disaster at the hands of water terrorism.