Pakistan Friday said the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir has not been shelved or put at back-burner while normalizing the relations with India. Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit while replying to questions in his weekly press briefing here in Islamabad said, “Pakistan always supported the Kashmir issue and emphasized the need that it should be resolved in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the United Nations and peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue is essential for viable peace in South Asia.” The spokesman said, “there is no question that Kashmir issue has been freezed or put at back burner” adding that Jammu and Kashmir dispute is of people of Kashmir. He said the Kashmir dispute required resolution in accordance with right of self-determination of the people of Kashmir.

Referring to the meeting of United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva on 5th of this month, the spokesman, said the violation of human rights issue was discussed in this meeting and UNHRC also asked India to repeal some of the laws in Jammu Kashmir to protect human rights of Kashmiris.

The spokesman said the Kashmiris have rendered enormous sacrifices for their alienable rights.

The spokesman said, “Pakistan is taking steps to normalize relations with India but reaching the final destination will inevitably contingent upon realization of the aspirations of Kashmiris.”

He said Kashmiris have given innumerable sacrifices in their just struggle for right to self determination and settlement of this issue in accordance with the UN resolutions is essential for viable peace in the region.

The spokesman said the UN special rappateur on Human Rights has recently urged India to repeal all black laws including Jammu and Kashmir public safety act.

Replying to a question about the Siachen issue, the spokesman said, “We seek early resolution of this problem like the other issues including the core Jammu and Kashmir dispute.”

He said Siachen issue has been raised in the resumed dialogue process with India.

On the issue of Balochistan, the spokesman said Pakistan has been handling the situation politically in accordance with its own laws, priorities and constitution,

Replying to a question, about providing shelter to some of the elements who are involved in the disturbance of Balochistan, the spokesman said Pakistan has raised this question with the concerned countries adding that demarche was issued to ambassador of Switzerland in Islamabad.

Answering a question on the activities of estranged Baloch leaders taking refuge in England and Switzerland, Abdul Basit said Islamabad has made demarches to the relevant countries and have been assured by them that their territories will not be allowed to be used against Pakistan.

“We are cognizant of the developments in Balochistan and necessary steps have also been taken,” he added.

The spokesman said Pakistan s trying to handle the situation in the province politically adding “it is our internal issue and will be dealt with in accordance with the constitution and our own preferences”.

He said, “The foreign office and our missions abroad are engaged actively in order to ensure that this issue is not portrayed in any other context by the detractors.”

Replying to a question about opening of US consulate in Balochistan, the spokesman said US embassy has filed application to the foreign office in this regard but so far no decision has been taken in this regard.

On the visit of US General James, the spokesman said so far no date has been finalised for his visit to Pakistan.

Replying to a question on Iran’s issue, the spokesman said Pakistan hoped that this issue would be resolved through peaceful means and dialogue so that the region already in crisis should be avoided from any further conflict due to Iran’s issue.

On the issue of Syria, the spokesman said Pakistan is of the view that national integrity, sovereignty and territorial integrity should be protected and the issue should be resolved through dialogue.