LAHORE– Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan has vowed to move the court of law if extension in service is granted to DG ISI Ahmed Shuja Pasha.

PML-N in the National Assembly would also resist tooth and nail any move of the government aimed at exploiting the lower house of the parliament for its ‘dirty business’ of providing supply routes to the Nato forces in Afghanistan, Nisar told a press conference here Thursday.

Nisar said the PPP rulers had appointed their Sindh member in the Election Commission to get their interest served. He warned of strict opposition and resistance if the EC members passed decisions serving interests of the government infringing their constitutional oath and the rules.

Nisar said the Opposition had submitted a resolution in the NA for the recovery of missing persons and had also suggested therein, constitution of an eight-member bipartisan committee to monitor what the government would do to recover them implementing the move. Nisar was quite vehement and categorical in opposing the possible extension to Pasha. Referring the Defence Minister’s statement that it was prerogative of the PM to grant extension, he rejected the claim saying Pakistan did not have monarchy but democracy where things were regulated through rules and regulations.

He said premier had no privilege to give extension after the apex court’s verdict on the issue. Given the fact that DG ISI, after thorough probe and London visit, leveled very serious charges against government in memogate issue, extension to Pasha would be the ‘biggest joke’. He said it would also provide justification to the government on Haqqani issue besides giving an impression that the whole ‘drama’ was staged to give extension to DG ISI.

On the senior posts, he said one should serve respectfully and retire respectfully. Pakistan Army, he said, was a highly respectable institution but certain people were prone to go to any length for achieving their personal interests bringing a bad name to the institution. Citing some background muckmaka (give and take) on extension issue, he said, President Zardari was hell-bent on giving extension to Pasha which the Opposition would oppose strongly even through the court of law. The extension, if given, would yield grave political implications.

He said a DG must have capabilities to lead and defend the armed forces according to their needs. “Armed forces and the country need a fresh start,” he said.

He said opposition in the upcoming joint session of the parliament would take a loud and clear stand that the Parliament would not be allowed to be a tool to execute ‘dirty business’ of the government.

He said with the help of others parties, the PML-N would build pressure on the government to abide by the September time for holding the general elections. Counting ills of the government, he said people had a reason to dislodge the present regime.

To a question on Balochistan, he said government was not serious to solve the issue. Had it been serious it would have recovered the missing persons and held killers of Nawab Bugti.

To a question about receiving funds by Nawaz, he said the matter was subjudice and Sharifs would defend their position before the court. So let’s wait. To another query, he said PTI was working on a single agenda of slinging mud on the PML-N leadership.