RAWALPINDI – Non-shifting of cattle barns from thickly populated areas of city has posed healthy hazards.

TMA Rawal Town despite its tall claims of removing the cattle barns has failed to deliver its pledge and the cattle barns are still functioning in all the Mohallahs and polluting the environment. These barns are located in the areas including Aria Mohallah, Dhok Khabba, Mohan Pura, Dhok Elahi Bakhsh, Eid Gah Mohalla, Gawalmandi and others.

The barns have turned these areas into filth depots as the deposits of cattle dung can be seen everywhere in the form of heaps and are polluting the atmosphere.

“We are suffering from respiratory diseases due to the pollution being caused by these cattle barns surrounding us, said residents of Aria Mohalla.

The sewerage system has been terribly undermined due to these barns as their dung choke the nullahs and the filth surfaces up and turns the streets into filth depots, said inmates of Eid Gah Mohalla.

Social and religious circles demanded immediate shifting of cattle barns outside the city to avert spreading of any fatal epidemic.