QUETTA - Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani on Thursday condemned killings of Punjabi labourers in Mand Bulo area of Kechh district, terming the incident a barbaric act.

In a statement issued, he directed the police and other law enforcement agencies to make immediate arrest of the criminals. He said that the criminals, killing innocent labourers, passengers, teachers, doctors, skilled persons, did not deserve any pardon as they were violating Islamic norms.

He said that a large number of teachers and citizens had been killed in Balochistan but the human rights organizations never voiced over it. He added that Balochistan was facing shortage of trained and experienced teachers and educationists.

He said, “The US congressmen should also move resolution about the killings of innocent people like happened in Mand Bulo.”

Raisani lauded the efforts of the media and human rights organizations for taking up the issue of missing persons and dumping of bullet riddled bodies. He said the media should also bring the facts and go to the houses of those, who had lost their loved one.

He said that his government and he had personally taken up the issues at all forums, to bring the criminals to the justice.

He said that the situation forced thousands of teachers, doctors, educationists and other skilled labourers, who had settled in Balochistan for centuries, to migrate to other provinces.

He said that the killings were against the Baloch traditions, adding “Balochs forgive even their enemies when they are weak or in search of shelter.