LAHORE - Punjab Opposition Leader Raja Riaz on Thursday stunned the media persons when he came up with a bizarre definition of the word ‘slap’. “Waheeda Shah just “pressed” the presiding officer with her hand. It was the media which made it look like a slap. A backhand slap is not a slap. A blow by front hand is,” Raja observed while commenting on the Election Commission’s decision to disqualify PPP leader Wahida Shah for two years.

Talking to media outside the Punjab Assembly, he even went to the extent of defending the shameful act of the disqualified PPP women from Tando Muhammad Khan, saying that Waheeda had pushed the polling officer because she was involved in rigging. Raja also blamed the media for what he called “creating the whole issue” by manipulating the video and playing it repeatedly on television screens. “This made it look like as if Waheeda slapped the staffer several times,” he added.

Expressing sympathies with the controversial lady, Riaz said that she was a widow and the punishment awarded to her would be another blow to her after her husband’s death. Reacting to Raja’s comments, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said: “No widow or orphan has the licence to slap a polling staff. Being a widow does not give any women a licence to slap anyone,” He added that the PPP had a history of flouting court orders and they were doing the same now in Waheeda’s Shah’s case. Rana termed ECP’s decision justified and Riaz’s statement a “foolish one ” and yet another “boungi” (stupid talk) on his (Raja’s) part. He said the verdict would serve as deterrent against those who try to oppress the masses under the garb of democracy. Raja Riaz also accused the PML-N of violating an agreement reached with the PPP on Senate elections.